Antibody Test For Thyroid

Are you planning to go for an antibody test for thyroid? What does it actually mean if it comes out to be positive? Is this the right stage? Confused? Well, this article is all you need. Let’s start from the scratch.

Thyroid Gland is amongst the largest endocrine glands in the human body. It is the controlling center as of how quickly the body utilizes energy and also controls the sensitivity of the body to all the hormones. Thyroid disorders are of many types like thyroid nodules, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. All these diseases might result in goiter, which is nothing, but an enlarged gland.
An antibody test for thyroid is done in order to diagnose a thyroid disease or rather to segregate it from other types of thyroditis. It might be done to examine the causes of goiter and thus, to put a halt on it at a very early stage.

The symptoms of thyroid are definitely hard to pin similar to its diagnosis.

  • Are you experiencing a sudden increase in your weight or sheer tiredness or a sudden hair fall? Are your periods more frequent than ever? Is your skin itchy? Then you might be suffering from hypothyroidism which is abnormally increased activity of a thyroid gland.
  • Or are you feeling nervous out of no reason? Has your perspiration increased? Are you getting restless on teeny-weeny things? Suffering from weak muscles and brittle hair? Then you might be a victim of hyperthyroidism which is abnormally decreased activity of a thyroid gland.

Now that you feel something fishy is going around you must get it diagnosed!

  • A thyroid peroxidase antibody test should be undertaken when you have symptoms that suggest hypothyroidism. Also this may be given if one has suffered from reproductive difficulties like premature delivery, miscarriage etc. A thyroglobulin antibody test might be performed when the doctor is suspecting a thyroid cancer. This is given at regular intervals. Next, we have the receptor antibody test which stimulates some hormones. This is given when the patient has positive hyperthyroidism symptoms.
    If you are pregnant then you need to be a bit more careful. If you are suspecting any sort of thyroid disorder you are immediately recommended to take any of the above mentioned antibodies. These tests facilitate the doctor to check if your baby is at risk or not.

antibody test for thyroid
So the next question bouncing in your cerebrum might be “what does this test actually imply?”
If you are diagnosed with mild or moderated level of thyroid antibodies then you are suffering from an autoimmune thyroid disorder. And if you are expecting a baby with a positive level of antibodies then your baby might be at risk as well. In general, a positive level of antibodies is more common amongst women and aged people.

Other facts you need to know about antibody test for thyroid include that all of these have transformed over time, owing to latest scientific tech. And one more point to ponder is that if you are enrolled in a process of thyroid diagnosis it is important that you have the complete test done from one laboratory only.

Antibody Test For Thyroid
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