Antibody Titer Test

There are certain veterinarians as well as parents of certain pets who have enlightened and at the same time become greatly wary of their health risks along with the deficiency of benefits which have in some or the other way an association with the repetitive vaccination of dogs once they are over with their first “puppy shots”, now the question arises that whether to solve this issue, one must try to take a refuge under the antibody titer test or not.

Details about titer testing :-
The antibody titer test is essentially a test of the laboratory that helps to measure the presence as well as the level of the magnitude of antibodies. The production of the antibodies takes place when some foreign substance provokes a response from the immune like that of any kind of virus else bacteria. The responses might hail from the vaccination else from the exposure of nature. The test that is recommended mostly is the one that offers the examination of the antibodies both for parvovirus as well as distemper; these are the two viruses of great importance. There are often tests of the rabies titers. For most of the dogs, examinations for else diseases that are mainly not considered necessary else of much use.

The help or assistance that is provided by this parvovirus or the distemper test is that it helps in the determination of the fact that whether the dog is in need of any additional vaccination or not and thus end up saving the dog from the unnecessary shots. Testing is mainly useful while making some decision regarding providing an animal with vaccination who has an oblivious history regarding vaccination, else for the purpose of determination of the fact whether the puppies have been successful in receiving immunity by the process of vaccination.

One must not expect, rather, that these test results of the antibody titer test would be acceptable everywhere in substitution of the proper proof validating vaccination. This issue of vaccination is very much prone to complications that can arise anytime. And the related authorities are programmed in a way that they have to consider vaccination as something of great standards, despite of the fact that it is very likely to be confronted via proof to anything that seems contrary.
Antibody Titer Test
How often must the titers be tested ?
There are certain vets who carry out this test on a yearly basis. But this trend may seem quite expensive. Rest of them verify or test once in three years. There are many others who test like around five or seven years from the time of vaccination. There have been challenge tests which have proved to show that the accomplished vaccination against the parvovirus renders most of the animals with the immunity of minimum seven years.

Dr Ron Schultz who is a famous pet expert in terms of vaccination is a believer of the fact that once strong titers are yielded from the tests, there is no need of testing again. In order to gain an accurate test, one must wait for a time of a minimum 14 days after the time of vaccination before going for the antibody titer testing.

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