Gliadin Antibody Test

The Gliadin Antibody Test is made use of as a part of some evaluation for the disease of celiac. The disease of celiac is another kind of a disease of the form of autoimmune disorder. In this mayhem of the autoimmune the immune system of the body by fault perceives gluten. Gluten is perceived in the form of wheat, oats, rye else barley in the form of some foreign invader. And the term gliadin is derived from the same gluten in the as its portion comprising of protein.

A person whose immune system is sensitive to the gliadin performs the production of the antibodies of anti-gliadin in order to attack the protein. These antibodies are further divided into main two groups-

  • Immunoglobulin A (IgA)
  • Immunoglobulin G (IgG)

The immunoglobulin A (IgA) is efficient to a greater extent in terms of being useful in the detection of the diseases of celiac as it is manufactured in the body at the small intestine; it is the place where the inflammation is caused by gluten along with its peculiar symptom of irritation in the people who are sensitive. The levels of immunoglobulin G, on the contrary are less of specific towards the diseases of the celiac kind, but they might still prove useful and beneficial in detecting and diagnosing problems related to the autoimmune system, especially in those people who lack the IgA.

By the process of measurement of the stages of both the types of antibodies of the gliadin kind present in the human blood, the doctors are enabled to assess the response of an individual’s immune system to gluten. This gliadin antibody test can be made use of in helping the diagnosis of the disease of celiac else in order to monitor and observe its treatment.
gliadin antibody test
In order to reach at the most accurate and appropriate results, the child must necessarily be on some specific diet which is inclusive of gluten, like the breads that are high in content of wheat, pastas as well as the goods that are baked. There will be a production of antibodies by the body only when it gets the exposure of gliadin. That is why if there is removal of gliadin from the diet of the child, there wouldn’t be sufficient response of the antibody in order to measure it.

Gliadin Antibody Test Procedure
Only a small amount of blood is extracted in order to carry out this gliadin antibody test. A professional of health in this field will most probably be drawing blood from some vein once the surface of the skin is cleaned with some antiseptic. Then there would be the elastic band that would be placed around the arm on the upper side in order to put pressure and thus cause the swelling of veins with blood. Next step is insertion of needle inside the vein and the blood is extracted as well as collected in some syringe else a vial for that matter. The process of the blood collection for antibodies test would just take a time of few minutes. And this process of gliadin antibody test might just seem uncomfortable for some time but otherwise it just feels like a quick prick.

Gliadin Antibody Test
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