Positive HIV Antibody Test

A positive HIV antibody test is a grave health threat worldwide. It is one challenge to the scientists which has had no solution as of now.
Just close your eyes for a moment. Recollect all your good memories. You are happy! Aren’t you? Now suppose one day you go to your clinic for a regular medical check -up. The doctor needs a sample of your blood for the same. The next time you visit you come to know that you are tested positive for an HIV as the syringe injected in you last time was infected with an HIV. You are completely shattered.

These ugly thoughts might produce chills in your spine. Do they? Imagine the lives of those who live with this curse.
A positive HIV antibody test is indeed difficult to be dealt with.

An HIV antibody test is used to diagnose against HIV infections. An early detection can be really helpful to maintain health in the long run. Also, an early detection of a positive HIV antibody test might help in regulating your behavior, like it can help in maintaining the calm of your mind and prevent you to become a victim of depression.

A screening test known as ELISA is conducted to detect antibodies for HIV. If this test is positive; it is repeated to confirm the accuracy and result of HIV test. This test can result in false positives, therefore to confirm the positivity it needs to be coupled with another test called, Western Blot. A sample of urine, blood or even an oral sample can be used for testing.

When should one go for an HIV antibody test?
According to several acclaimed medical institutions anyone above 13 years of age can be detected for HIV.
The test may be recommended if you are in a high risk zone. Testing is advised :

  • If you change sex partners frequently, like around three or more in last twelve months.
  • If you have received an infected blood or your mate has received it and later has been tested positive for the same.
  • If you have had sex with a partner who has the same sex as yours.
  • If you had used syringes from street and you suspect that it was infected.
  • If you have had a STD.
  • If you are pregnant.

positive hiv antibody test
What does the observation imply?
A healthy person is the one who has zero percent of antibodies to HIV. However, a negative test implies that you are not infected with the devastating disease at that particular time. But if you at the high risk zone you are recommended to get the tests conducted at regular intervals.

Now if you test positive to both the Western Blot and ELISA antibody test, you are inflicted with HIV. HIV is incurable for current moment as of publishing. But an early alarm can help suppressing the weakening activities of the virus and can help you live longer.

Other facts :
If suppose you are accidentally exposed to HIV and the next day you go for a screening test you would not be tested positive. Therefore, regular check-ups are appreciated.

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